Itinerary A

[5] Columns, sculptures, precious marbles: the decorations of the hall

Walking on the floor of the hall, made of limestone basalt and consisting of stone elements from different quarries, including the lumachella extracted from the Rocca di Cefalù, we can see, in the aisles, some funerary and sculptural movements that embellished the Church in the centuries following its construction. Among these, we can admire Gagini’s sweet Madonna and Child. The central aisle is defined, on each side, by a row of eight columns surmounted by pointed arches on which the masonry marking the upper space rises. The columns made of different marbles, such as granite and cipolin, come from the spoliation of earlier factories from the classical period. Looking up, observing the pitched roof of the Cefalù Cathedral takes us back in time to when it was built as an unprecedented work of art, in perfect dialogue with the structure of the central aisle walls. The solution adopted by the medieval carpenters, with their trusses, features an original pictorial decoration in bright colours which, through a close temporal connection, matches the stained glass windows made in the early 1990s by Palermo artist Michele Canzoneri, which capture our gaze by projecting us back in time, in the narration of biblical themes.