Itinerary B

[5] A treasure chest of light: the Palatine Chapel

The Palatine Chapel is located on the first floor of the palace, as if it were a treasure chest. Upon entering, you can see the architecture of the church, which was consecrated to St Peter on 28 April 1140. The layout, in the shape of a Latin cross, is longitudinal with three aisles separated by five pointed arches on each side, on pedestals supported by columns and capitals in a composite style. The colours of the sixteen granite and cipollino marble columns are striking.
But the real focus of the building is the presbytery, raised above the aisles, ending with the three apses, characterised by the presence, at the corners, of recessed porphyry columns typical of Islamic art. If you look up, you can see the Byzantine-style dome.
An explosion of colours floods the entire interior, where the light makes the gold and silver tiles glow