Itinerary B

[4] The geometry of the bell tower

The Church of Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio bell tower chimes to announce the upcoming celebration. The melodious sound awakens the souls of those strolling briskly in Piazza Bellini and draws the people towards the Martorana. The bell tower is one of the best preserved elements of the church, and is attributable to craftsmen from the East. It is characterised by a square layout and can be subdivided into four levels with complex and meticulous bi-chrome marquetry decoration in a variety of forms: four-leaf clovers, interlacing, circles, rhombuses; mouldings with geometric decorations in two horizontal friezes and on the ashlars of the arches of the turrets and in the mullioned windows on the fourth floor; six-pointed star motifs in the mullioned window frames on the third floor and eight-pointed motifs in the corners of the second level.