Context - The Villa

The Golden Age: Hypotheses about the Villa’s period of construction

The scenes depicted in the mosaics of the Villa Romana del Casale not only bring us closer to the profile of its Dominus, they also suggest some questions still unresolved by scholars.
The majority believe that the late antiquity building and its mosaic decoration were carried out in a single phase, but a precise time frame has not yet been identified.
The observation of the style and the subjects represented in the mosaics of some rooms has led art historians to a possible date between 320 and 360 AD.This hypothesis is countered by an additional theory dating back to a period between 290 and 312 AD.

The layout of the rooms

The public rooms of the Villa

Pars Fructuaria e Pars Rustica

Date Clues

A dignified setting dedicated to the myth of Arion

The myth of Orpheus

A room dedicated to the sea

The Peristyle of the Villa

The Mansio, a stopping place

A decoration that marks time

The room of the seasons

A large banquet hall

The Mansio of Sophiana

The Latifundium

The composition of the spaces