Private entrance to the baths

The senses tell the private entrance to the spa

A privileged access for the Dominus family

Everything seems to be gathered in this small trapezium-shaped room which gives access to the thermal areas via a small ramp from the Peristyle. The floor mosaic realistically depicts five differently dressed figures. The one that catches our eye is located in the centre and is dressed in such exquisite clothes that we think she must be the domina of the Villa del Casale. She is depicted wearing a long dress with wide, coloured draperies, made even more iridescent by the many colours of the countless tiles. The two characters standing next to her also attract our attention because of their beautiful faces, with long blond hair that rests on the bright shades of their yellow and green cloaks. Notice the two handmaids at either end of the group carrying what was needed for the baths

Whispers and soft tones

The space was used as a waiting room or a changing room for the family of the dominus. It was only to be filled with the voices of the domina and the thermal procession following her, mingled with the sound of glass or alabaster ampoules filled with perfumes and essences. However, the intimate atmosphere must have encouraged a subdued dialogue, interrupted only by the echo coming from the baths.

oriental scents

The small size of this room allowed it to collect the aromas of the unguents and natural oils that came out of the baths and the ampoules carried by the handmaids for the domina‘s entrance to the cold baths. The perfumed notes came from substances that also arrived from the distant Roman domains, transported by ships that landed in the main ports of the empire. Roses, pomegranates and lavender were mixed with precious raw materials such as cinnamon, myrrh and frankincense. Just imagine the sense of well-being that hung in the air, making this place the threshold between the hectic pace of daily life and a state of harmony between body and mind.

Elegance inside

For a moment, become part of the scene depicted in the mosaic: you would have the opportunity to touch the precious fabric of the dress worn by the domina, made up of ample drapery enriched by vertical bands with different textures, perhaps embellished with pearls, to underline her belonging to a family of important social rank. The helmeted hairstyle, embellished with gems embedded in the hair, is a harmonious reminder of her fine clothing. Similarly, the orbicles, consisting of sinuous embroidery decorating the tunics of the two young men at her side, underline the prestige evoked by the mosaic representation. The square box, held by a handmaid, must also have contained ampoules with unguents and perfumes. Their workmanship was as sophisticated in materials as the quality of the essences used increased.

A royal room housed the Dominus during his audiences

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The senses tell the frigidarium

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Semi-public rooms

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The main nuclei of the Domus

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Auspicious symbols and perhaps the initials of the commissioner’s name decorate the mosaic of the apsidal room

Form of greeting or ritual?

An organic microcosm: the structure of the villa

A hidden meaning

The senses tell the Quadrangular Peristyle

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The senses tell the private entrance to the spa

A small room used as a privileged entrance to the baths

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Is the profile of the dominus hidden among the scenes depicted in the mosaics?

The mansio of Philosophiana. A stopping place

A small room embellished with marble

An official ceremony to welcome the Dominus

Outdoor breakfast

The senses tell the Tri-Apsed Triclinium

The possible celebration of a solemn event

Banquets and panegyrics enlivened the vast hall, against the background of a floor mosaic celebrating the feats of Hercules

The late antiquity residence: locus amoenus and centre of administrative activities in the heart of Sicily

The protagonists of the mosaics

Solemn and majestic architecture to welcome a high-ranking commissioner