Third room of the Private Apartment

A decoration that marks time

The geometric composition of the mosaic floor is enriched by elements depicted inside medallions, where different species of fish and birds and half-busts are shown, attributable to the personification of the seasons, distinguished by attributes that embellish their clothing and hairstyle.From above, Winter is represented with his head surrounded by bulrush leaves. A spotted panther skin hangs from his right shoulder.Autumn follows, appearing as a young girl dressed in a green tunic and a red cloak. Her head, encircled by a ribbon, is embellished with vine leaves and bunches of grapes.Spring, adorned with jewels, is clothed in greenery and a vermilion mantle that matches the crown of rosebuds around the head.Finally, Summer is depicted in the likeness of a young man whose head is crowned with ears of wheat. The decoration of the mosaic floor with fish and birds is linked to the rule of xenia .

A dignified setting dedicated to the myth of Arion

The layout of the rooms

The composition of the spaces

The public rooms of the Villa

The Mansio, a stopping place

The Mansio of Sophiana

The room of the seasons

The myth of Orpheus

A large banquet hall

Date Clues

The Latifundium

Pars Fructuaria e Pars Rustica

The Peristyle of the Villa

A decoration that marks time

A room dedicated to the sea