Quadrangular Peristyle

The Ambulatory Decorations

The decoration that appears along the walls of the porticoed corridor is made up of fragmentary frescoes , superimposed on plaster fragments with floral decorations dating back to an earlier period. On the southern side, next to the entrance to the Diæta di Orfeo , are the best preserved parts of the fresco, where it is possible to find a decoration depicting a line of armed men, whose feet, the base of their spear and their coloured oval shields, some also complete with umbone , can be seen. This type of decoration, which probably alludes to military events in the Dominus’ career, can also be seen on the right wall of the vestibule and recalls the signum painted on the right pillar of the monumental entrance portal .

The Mansio of Sophiana

The Latifundium

The myth of Orpheus

Pars Fructuaria e Pars Rustica

The Peristyle of the Villa

A dignified setting dedicated to the myth of Arion

A large banquet hall

A decoration that marks time

The composition of the spaces

The layout of the rooms

The room of the seasons

A room dedicated to the sea

The Mansio, a stopping place

Date Clues

The public rooms of the Villa