Hall of the private apartment know as the diæta of the "small hunt"

Outdoor breakfast

At the centre of the scenes that animate the third register of the floor mosaic in a dynamic and realistic way is a large composition that extends to the lower register; an open-air breakfast. It is probably taking place in the septum venationis of the late antiquity domus, the wood where the Dominus, accompanied by his family and servants, enjoyed hunting and other kinds of relaxation in the shade of oaks and cypresses.
With extreme skill and attention to detail, like a painting, the mosaicists depicted the hunters at rest.
Even the materials used for hunting seem to be abandoned on the branches of the trees, almost as if to create some shade for resting.
A large red tent, the parapetasma, protects the guests lying on a Stibadium from the sun.
Among them, in the centre, the same character stands out, wearing a purple tunic, represented in the scene of the rural sacrifice in the second register of the mosaic ornament.
The man, who stands out for his refined clothing, begins the banquet, consisting of a large roasted bird placed on a round table, the mensa.
On the far right, a diner offers food to a bloodhound to reward it for its work. In front of the guests, one of the servants is removing an animal from a basket.

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