Context - The Villa

The rooms of the Villa, a reflection of its owner

The rooms and scenes depicted in the mosaics of the Villa Romana del Casale eloquently interpret the profile that would have distinguished the figure of the Dominus, so much so as to validate some of the theories suggested over the years by archaeologists.As a matter of fact, it is plausible to say that the late antiquity residence, for all its magnificence, reflects the complexity of life and the activities of someone of high social status, who commissioned within it a public route in addition to a second one intended for the more private circle.

The public rooms of the Villa

A room dedicated to the sea

The Peristyle of the Villa

The room of the seasons

A dignified setting dedicated to the myth of Arion

The Latifundium

A large banquet hall

Pars Fructuaria e Pars Rustica

A decoration that marks time

The composition of the spaces

The Mansio, a stopping place

The layout of the rooms

Date Clues

The myth of Orpheus

The Mansio of Sophiana