Itinerary B

[1]The banquets at the court of Frederick II

The Suevian sovereign often indulged in “convivial meetings”. Not rich feasts, but refined dinners attended by musicians, writers and masters of construction.
During the banquets, poetry, art and music were discussed. Game on the spit was often served, particularly hare and lark. Wild boar, which was abundant at the time, was not one of Frederick II’s favourite dishes.
Instead he appreciated birds, such as pheasants, hawks, or pigeons covered with honey and grilled with aromatic herbs. There was also fish, mushrooms and cheese, accompanied by a precursor of bread: small slow-baked shapes made with flour, milk, honey and butter and cooked in wood-burning ovens.
In terms of fruit in Suevian times, people would eat figs, nuts, grapes, dates, apples, pears and melons.