Photo gallery

Photo gallery

Giudecca and fire. Cooking and the Jewish religion

Ortygia and the earth element. Piazza del Duomo: discovering the origins.

The Cathedral of Syracuse


The Cathedral of Syracuse

Neapolis and the air element. The Ear of Dionysius

The Athenaion of the tyrant Gelon

Syracuse during the tyranny of Dionysius

Pantalica and water: the Myth of the Anapo River

Pantalica and air. The skies of Pantalica: from hawks to bats

The fountain of Diana in Piazza Archimede

Neapolis and fire. The Altar of Hieron and the sacrificial fire

Ortygia and fire. Archimedes and the invention of the burning mirrors


The Church of San Giovanni alle Catacombe

Giudecca, the hidden Jewish heart of Syracuse

The Altar of Hieron II: Blood and fire place

The cultural significance of tragedy

Ortygia. Venus rising from the waters of the port

Castello Maniace

Temple of Apollo

A journey to Pantalica

The catacombs of San Giovanni

Pantalica and the earth element

Pantalica: where nature and history merge

The functions of Castello Maniace

The architecture of the Piazza

The Venationes

The Spanish fortification

Where seas and civilisations meet

The naumachiae: naval battles at the theatre

The Dionysian Walls: a masterpiece of Greek engineering

Roman Syracuse, a military power thanks to the genius of Archimedes

Giudecca and the earth element. Between gardens and artisan workshops

Byzantine Pantalica

The Church of St. Lucia to the Abbey

Criteria for including Syracuse and the Rocky Necropolis of Pantalica in the WHL

Crypt of San Marciano

Giudecca and air. The Basilica of San Giovannello

Neapolis from past to present

Giudecca and water. The ritual baths: the Casa Bianca mikveh

The Jews, a wandering people

The Euryalus Fortress

Inside the Cathedral of Ortygia

Ortygia and water. The Fountain of Arethusa

The Senatorial Palace

The Neapolis

Neapolis and the water element. The Nymphaeum

The Roman Amphitheatre

Nature in Neapolis

Neapolis and the earth element. Places of performance: the Greek theatre and the Roman amphitheatre

The Greek Theatre of Syracuse

Legends and magic echoes in the Latomie of Syracuse

The Museion and the Grotta del Ninfeo

The interior of the Cathedral of Syracuse

Ortygia and the air element. The Gods of Olympus and the Temple of Apollo.

Piazza del Duomo, a sacred place of the ancient Greeks

Pantalica and fire. The Metal Age: objects from the culture of Pantalica

The Culture of Pantalica

The Gladiator performances

Traces of Christianity in Syracuse

The Ear of Dionysius and the Grotta dei Cordari

King Hyblon’s kingdom: Pantalica, between history and legend