Itinerary B

[4]The songs of the troubadours: music at the Castle of King Frederick

Frederick II loved to surround himself on various and frequent occasions with instrument players and singers. His castles resounded with the ancient verses of the Sicilian poetic school and the notes of troubadour lyrical music, which flourished in Europe in the Late Middle Ages.
The troubadours spread from Provence like wildfire, even reaching the Kingdom of Sicily. Authors of monophonic compositions, i.e. with a single voice, the main themes of their texts were chivalry and courtly love.
The musical offer available to the court would have been as varied as ever, just as there were many cultural horizons scrutinised by Frederick II’s curious gaze. Some of the instruments used were trumpets and the “Arabic” oud. The latter instrument highlights the exotic aspect of music at the court of Frederick II.