Photo Gallery

Agrigento Photo gallery

Empedocles, the political philosopher

The driver of Agrigentum’s well-being

Vegetation in the Gardens

The Temple of Hera Lacinia

The forum in the city of the Akragantines

The Hellenistic-Roman quarter

The Temple of Asclepius

The most beautiful city of mortals

The Punic Wars and the final conquest of Akragas

The Living Almond Museum

The Roman necropolis

The sanctuary of the chthonic deities

The provincial layout of Sicily

The Eleusinian mysteries

Works for the muses: the mosaics of the Hellenistic-Roman quarter

The Sanctuary of Asclepius: a place of welcome for the sick

The Temple of Concordia

From Akragas to Agrigentum

Phalaris, the terrible tyrant

Theron, tyrant of the arts and victories

Vegetation in the Gardens

The theatre of origins

Moments of leisure: the theatre

The Temple of Demeter

The Oratory of Phalaris

Sacrifices for the goddesses that made the fields fertile

Akragas in the beginning

The cult of Demeter and Persephone

Politics comparison: Akragas and Agrigentum

The walls of Akragas in the fifth century BC

The ancient port of Agrigentum

The Twelve Labours of Heracles

The cult of the Emperor

The Romans settle in Agrigentum

The wellness centres of the Romans

From pagan cults to Christian worship: the Church of St. Gregory

The lively decorations of the temple

A monument for the victory over Carthage: the Temple of Olympian Zeus

The Kolymbetra Garden

Hellenistic heritage on the streets of Agrigentum

Reinforcement of natural ramparts

Mens sana in corpore sano: the gymnasium of Agrigento

A Sanctuary for the Latin gods

The gods of Agrigento

Cicero’s account: Agrigentum in In Verrem

The tomb of Theron

The domus, guardians of private life

The centre of politics in Agrigentum

The sarcophagus of the Child

An exceptional discovery: the thermal baths of Agrigentum

The life of young people in Roman times

The Akragas building sites

Roman affairs

Breathing in world heritage together

The Kolymbetra Garden

The Temple of Heracles