The Domus Aeternae

The senses tell the living museum of the Almond tree

The ciarduna of Agrigento

Sicily is famous for its delicious sweets.
In the province of Agrigento the “ciarduna a la camastrisa” are traditional fragrant wafers enriched with coarsely chopped local almonds, filled with sweet ricotta cheese and finished with a puff of icing sugar. The contrast not only in flavour, but of the consistency of the wafer and the ricotta creates a genuine sensory experience.

Shades of colour that envelop the landscapes

The description of the Valley by Justus Tomassini during his Grand Tour tells us that despite the passing years, the beauty of the nature and buildings of the Valley of the Temples have remained unchanged: “Here for the first time I enjoyed the fiery splendour of the southern vegetation and the infinite fascination spread throughout nature. […] The ruins of the temples, the houses and even the mountains were of an intense fiery red, while on the sea it rested like a purple mantle”.

The patriarchs of the Valley

Between one building and another in the garden of the Valley of the Temples, it is easy to find thousand-old olive trees that silently watch the events unfold.
Their gnarled, rough and often twisted trunks seem to guard and convey a timeless story.

Varieties of scents

When the six hundred citrus trees in the Kolymbetra Garden begin to bloom in spring, the entire atmosphere is inebriated with the sweet scent of the shoots, which, over time, is replaced by the more sour scent of juicy oranges.

The gods of Agrigento

Politics comparison: Akragas and Agrigentum

The domus, guardians of private life

The Oratory of Phalaris

A Sanctuary for the Latin gods

The Living Almond Museum

Cicero’s account: Agrigentum in In Verrem

Mens sana in corpore sano: the gymnasium of Agrigento

From Akragas to Agrigentum

The sarcophagus of the Child

The Punic Wars and the final conquest of Akragas

The Roman necropolis

An exceptional discovery: the thermal baths of Agrigentum

The Kolymbetra Garden

Roman affairs

Vegetation in the Gardens

Breathing in world heritage together

The centre of politics in Agrigentum

The ancient port of Agrigentum

Hellenistic heritage on the streets of Agrigentum

The theatre of origins

The Hellenistic-Roman quarter

The provincial layout of Sicily

The cult of the Emperor

The tomb of Theron

The life of young people in Roman times

The wellness centres of the Romans

Works for the muses: the mosaics of the Hellenistic-Roman quarter

The driver of Agrigentum’s well-being

The forum in the city of the Akragantines

The Romans settle in Agrigentum

Moments of leisure: the theatre