Itinerary B
Piazza Armerina

[5] A privileged access for the Dominus family

Everything seems to be gathered in this small trapezium-shaped room which gives access to the thermal areas via a small ramp from the Peristyle. The floor mosaic realistically depicts five differently dressed figures. The one that catches our eye is located in the centre and is dressed in such exquisite clothes that we think she must be the domina of the Villa del Casale. She is depicted wearing a long dress with wide, coloured draperies, made even more iridescent by the many colours of the countless tiles. The two characters standing next to her also attract our attention because of their beautiful faces, with long blond hair that rests on the bright shades of their yellow and green cloaks. Notice the two handmaids at either end of the group carrying what was needed for the baths