Itinerary B
Piazza Armerina

[3] Prestige through furniture

Have you ever wondered how the Romans ate? Each banquet included at least seven courses, eaten on semi-circular sofas covered in precious fabrics.

Go back in time and imagine that you are in the middle of the Triclinium. Against the mythological backdrop of the floor, representing the labours of Hercules, the diners, lying on stibadia, pick up their food with their right hand while their left hand, resting on a soft cushion, holds their plate. The flickering light of the torches hanging on the walls and the reverberation of the fire rising from the forged metal braziers hit various types of knives and spoons arranged on the table. A servant is about to offer the guests small pieces of pork on a tray, whose beautiful workmanship distracts attention from the content of the dish.  The wine is poured into cups that reflect the opulent atmosphere that fills the room, like mirrors. The women, dressed in fashionable clothes with fine fabrics and pearl inlays, wash their hands with fresh, perfumed water that comes out of silver jugs held by servants. The large tri-apsed hall represents a microcosm in which the power of the dominus is reflected.