Itinerary B
Piazza Armerina

[3] Elegance inside

For a moment, become part of the scene depicted in the mosaic: you would have the opportunity to touch the precious fabric of the dress worn by the domina, made up of ample drapery enriched by vertical bands with different textures, perhaps embellished with pearls, to underline her belonging to a family of important social rank. The helmeted hairstyle, embellished with gems embedded in the hair, is a harmonious reminder of her fine clothing. Similarly, the orbicles, consisting of sinuous embroidery decorating the tunics of the two young men at her side, underline the prestige evoked by the mosaic representation. The square box, held by a handmaid, must also have contained ampoules with unguents and perfumes. Their workmanship was as sophisticated in materials as the quality of the essences used increased.