Itinerary B
Piazza Armerina

[2] A feast of aromas

The large triclinium becomes a stage imbued with a multitude of scents. A senator has taken his seat to the left of the dominus and is greeted by the intense fragrance of oriental essences, which sprinkles the clothes of a young woman close by. Distinguishing the aroma of the food becomes difficult and the focus seems to be on the sweet notes of seduction. As soon as they lie down on the large semi-circular sofas, after washing their hands with water mixed with rose petals, the diners are met with the essences of the oils sprinkled on the table where they are eating. To accompany the beginning of the banquet, some doves take flight and spread, with the beating of their wings, water mist enriched with perfumed oil. The entrance to the first courses is truly scenic, with a succession of culinary “triumphs”, and the smell of the dishes served recalls local products and those derived from fishing. All are extensively described in various rooms of the late antique residence, as in a large map of known species in the 4th century AD. The sweet aroma of honey is combined with the salty notes of some foods marked by a kaleidoscopic burst of aromatic plants.