Itinerary B
Piazza Armerina

[1] Fantasies for the palate

The attention to the imaginative decoration of the dishes does not neglect the careful layering of flavours. While the diners are distracted by the arduous exercise of two acrobats who seem to have distracted them from conversations and food, the complex banquet is enriched with new courses. The wine mixed with honey, which accompanies the starter, is followed by the evocative entry of a dish adorned with a yellow sauce made from saffron and eggs, reminiscent of the warm colours of the African desert. The wife of a member of the senatorial aristocracy, with her fancy clothes and distinctive ‘helmeted’ hair, focuses her attention on a tray containing a large lobster with claws sprinkled with flowers and stuffed with caviar. There is no shortage of meat, presented with various types of stuffing enriched with spices of different origins. The tables set in the triclinium of the villa become a reflection of distant cultures, acquired in the territories conquered during the imperial period and embellished by an ever-present scenic taste.