The myth of Arethusa and Alpheus: the song of the waters in the Metamorphoses

The Latin poet Ovid in his Metamorphoses describes the legend of the beautiful nymph Arethusa.
One day, after a long run in the woods, she decided to freshen up in the waters of the river Alpheus.
When she finished bathing, the girl began running again, when a voice urged her to stop: it was Alpheus, the river god, who was attracted by her beauty. The god began to chase Arethusa, who called for Artemis’ help in desperation.
The goddess of hunting wrapped the nymph in a cloud and blew hard towards Sicily to save her.
As she approached Ortygia, Arethusa transformed into a freshwater spring. Alpheus, who was fully in love with the nymph, asked his father, Oceanus, for help.
Convinced by his sincere love, he opened the waters of the Ionian Sea and allowed Alpheus to cross Sicily to reach his love.