Itinerary B
Piazza Armerina

[5] A curtain between myth and reality

Entering this large octagonal space, we are immediately captivated by the architectural lines and the marine procession depicted on the outside of the mosaic. Nereids and Tritons are shown in the water, with a multitude of coloured tiles embellishing their robes and ornaments, such as armilles and necklaces. You almost get the impression that you are the protagonist of a mythical tale. Even the presence of ichthyocentaurs and other sea creatures captivates the eye of the beholder, drawing them into the scene. In the innermost section, on the other hand, again in an atmosphere linked to mythology, a number of herotes are intent on fishing, arranged in pairs, on four brightly coloured boats. Interrupting the fantastic tale are the depictions of changes of clothes, depicted with detailed accuracy in the small apsidal niches.