Itinerary B
Piazza Armerina

[4] Voices and melodies between courses

An overlapping of voices fills the atmosphere of this vast room. The importance of the mythological depictions in the floor mosaics, imbued with celebratory meanings, is dissipated by the banter of the guests who, between courses, focus on ephemeral speeches, war stories and satirical topics.

From the centre of the hall, against a floor scene depicting the labours of Hercules, jugglers invade the room and interrupt the gentle melody of a zither player reciting poetic verses. The banquet is populated by dancers, who enliven the dinner with the sound of tambourines after an evocative entrance from the ovoid portico, caressed by the last rays of the sunset. Everything seems to take the dominus and his guests away from the whirlwind life of Rome.