Itinerary B
Piazza Armerina

[3] A classroom embellished with marble from the regions of the Empire

The great hall is the most important feature of the main part of the Late Antique residence. However, because of its size, it gives the impression that you are entering a very different environment compared to the intimate dimensions of the other places facing the quadrangular peristyle. The glow of the fire from the braziers and the soft light coming in through the high windows reflected off the grandiose coloured marble inlays lining the walls, so much so that they counteracted the feeling of coldness which they gave to the touch. Replacing the wall decoration, which has now disappeared, is a layer of cocciopesto and bricks once used to fix the slabs.

The wood covering the large coffered ceiling of the room, made of a trussed supporting structure, warms the atmosphere of this formal space of the villa, open to dialogue with the outside world.