Valuable works: Two highly important saints

Two chapels were built in the final section of the transept: one dedicated to the holy founder of the St. Benedict Order, the other to St. Nicholas, to whom the church was dedicated.
The former has a green altar featuring work by Lazian artist Antonino Cavallucci: il sacrificio di Placido e Mauro a Benedetto (the sacrifice of Placidus and Maurus to Benedict). To its right, by the same artist, is San Benedetto nel deserto (St. Benedict in the Desert) and on the left, San Germano vescovo di Capua che sale in cielo (St. Germain, Bishop of Capua, ascending to heaven), by Niccolò La Piccola.
The chapel opposite is dedicated to St. Nicholas of Bari; the altar features the Miracle of the Saint resurrecting the children.