Types of volcanic Eruptions

Volcanic eruptions are divided into two main types: effusive, where lava flows and escapes, and explosive, where the magma is fragmented by the explosion of gas bubbles inside it
Tipologia di eruzioni
Explosive eruptions are divided into 5-6 main types, and are classified by considering the total energy of the eruption and the distance travelled in relation to the emission point of the products of their explosions.
If lava flows are prevalent, we have both Hawaiian eruptions, typical of the Hawaiian archipelago, and Icelandic eruptions; their explosiveness is very low.
In the presence of both effusive and explosive eruptions, but with prevalence of the former, we talk about Strombolian eruptions, typical of the island of Stromboli.
In the presence of mixed effusive and explosive activity, but with prevalence of the latter, we have Vulcanian eruptions (the typical place is the island of Vulcano) and Plinian eruptions (much more energetic).
Pelean eruptions are highly explosive, with fire clouds forming along the sides of the volcano.