The lava flow of 1991-93

Once in the square where the Val Calanna begins, besides a fountain and a drinking trough for grazing animals, there is a votive shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Providence, erected in 1992 by the inhabitants of Zafferana.
They came to this place in procession, to ask that their town be saved from the imminent destruction of the lava. Entering the along the 1991-93 lava flow, it would seem that the prayers of the faithful have been heard.
The lava flow that advanced dangerously in the direction of the town of Zafferana touched a small building in the square, miraculously sheltered from the destructive power of the lava front, which until that point had destroyed and swallowed everything in its path.
The flow suddenly stopped, at a point when it seemed that all hope was lost for this house and for the town.