The face of the Gorgon

Gorgon was the name originally given in Greek mythology to three deities and later identified with one of the three: Medusa.
The effigy of the Gorgon was a thickset body of a woman with wings.
She wore a monstrous mask with a round face and a flattened nose, barred eyes and an open mouth with a hanging tongue and teeth similar to boar tusks.
Her hair is always curly, sometimes with snakes nesting in the hair.
In some depictions she is shown with bronze hands and wings. She also possessed the power to petrify men and gods with a single glance.


The importance of this depiction is linked to its apotropaic value: in archaic times, temples were often characterised by her image, which warded off evil influences, ensuring the protection of the city and its institutions from any enemies.