The Diocesan Museum

museoThe diocesan museum houses artefacts from the church, the convent and local institutions.
Preservation of the architecture of the complex is an integral part of the museum’s mission. It is divided into four sections, where sacred objects are exhibited within the spaces of the former convent.
The silverware section is set up in four exhibition rooms, revealing the mystery of the Eucharistic celebration: from the precious objects dedicated to the entrance rites and the initial parts of Mass, to those featuring prominently in Eucharistic liturgy in the second room.
In the next room, the sacrifice of the martyrs is celebrated with a display of the reliquaries and the conversion of those who decided to follow the path of the Lord through liturgy.
The stylistic transformation over time of the monstrances can be seen in the fourth room. It is also possible to admire the liturgical vestments imbued with strong theological references and the sacred vestments used from the 16th to the 19th century.
To conclude, there are five painting collection routes and a section dedicated to maiolica.