The capitals depicting the Evangelists

The first capital on the right depicts St. John: a nimbate eagle, with its head surrounded by intense light, holds a plaque in its claws on which is engraved a passage from the Gospel taken from St. John.
The second capital on the right shows a winged lion and also holds a plaque engraved with a passage from St. Mark.
The capitals on the left, on the other hand, show a winged ox holding a shield with a cross (a symbol of St. Luke) between its front feet, and a winged human figure holding an open volume of St. Matthew’s passages.
I capitelli raffiguranti gli Evangelisti




I capitelli raffiguranti gli Evangelisti






Their shape is trapezoidal, characteristic of the Byzantine capital, as testified by other Sicilian monuments such as Monreale Cathedral, where you can find the same type of capital.