Suger of Saint Denis

Suger was Abbot of the Saint Denis Abbey from 1122 to 1151. He oversaw the reconstruction of the façade of the great building, tripling the entrances and raising the towers as well. Later, he also worked on the choir, designed with a double ambulatory. In addition to writing (De rebus inministratione sua gestis and the Libellus de consecratione ecclesia Sancti Dionysii) and reconstructing the abbey, Abbot Suger possessed one of the most prestigious collections of the Middle Ages. He tried his hand at collecting jewellery and treasures such as gold vases, precious stones, pearls, gems, candelabra, altar frontals, sculptures, stained glass, enamels, sacred vestments and tapestries. All shiny objects. For the first time, material beauty was not seen as sinful but was a pathway to contemplation and spiritual harmony, since it was the light that guided transcendence.