some chapels

During the reconfiguration of Palermo Cathedral, carried out at the end of the 18th century, according to Ferdinando Fuga’s project, the interior also underwent some changes: the dome and side chapels surmounted by small domes were added. Royal and imperial sarcophagi from the Norman-Swabian period were placed in the first two chapels of the south aisle: in particular, the remains of Roger II, Constance of Hauteville, Henry VI, Frederick II and Constance of Aragon. Continuing down the south aisle are: the Chapel of Our Lady of the Letter; the Chapel of St Ignatius; the Chapel of Blessed Pietro Geremia; the Chapel of the Holy Relics; the Chapel of St Francis of Paola; the Altar of the Assumption and the Chapel housing the reliquary urn containing the body of the patron saint, St Rosalia.
In the north aisle there are: the Baptistery; the chapel of Our Lady of the Angels; the chapel of St Anthony of Padua; the chapel of St Christine; the chapel of the Immaculate Conception, also dedicated to Blessed Don Pino Puglisi; the chapel of St Peter and St Agatha; the chapel of Our Lady, Health of the Sick; the chapel of the Crucifix and then that of the Blessed Sacrament.