silver plaque

In the sarcophagus of Constance, kept in Palermo Cathedral, an endotaffio was also found on a circular silver plate, now on display in the Treasury rooms of the Cathedral. It has an inscription, engraved on 9 lines and reads as follows: Hoc est corpus d(omi)ne / Co(n)sta(n)cie, illustris Roma/no(rum) imperatricis se(m)p(er) augu/ste et regine Sicil(ie), uxoris / d(omi)ni i(m)p(er)atoris Frederici (et) filie / regis Aragonu(m). Obiit aut(em) anno / d(omi)nice Incarnacio(n)is mill(esim)o CC / XX II, XXIII iunii, X indic(ionis) / in civitate Catanie. The endotaffio was a small plate, usually made of lead or silver that was placed inside the burial.