Royal Throne

The royal throne, Romanesque in style and dating from the 12th century, is decorated in opus sectile. The royal throne is characterised by the extensive use of porphyry, a marble which became a symbol of strength and glory over the centuries and which, in the throne, takes on the significance of exalting power. Raised five steps above ground level, it has a geometric decoration formed by squares, enclosed within a frame of porphyry slabs, and surmounted by a triangle of polychrome inlay. Inside each square are geometric and floral motifs of Arabic matrix, while the steps, floor, back and armrests have cosmatesque style inlays. On the sides, inside circles and in symmetrical and mirror-like positions, there are two lions, the expression of royalty and power. The throne was of great importance from a political point of view. From this space, the sovereign attended liturgical celebrations and could enjoy the view of the entire mosaic cycle.