Pietro Novelli

Pietro Novelli was born in Monreale in 1603 to Pietro Antonio Novelli. The latter was a refined artist and man of culture, in contact with Flemish painters and appointed, in 1595, “head master of the Cathedral” of Monreale. Pietro Antonio Novelli
His son Pietro initially studied in his father’s workshop and then attended the school of Carlo Maria Ventimiglia, prince of the Accademia dei Riaccesi and antiquarian. Pietro Novelli was one of the most renowned painters of his time, so much so that in 1636 he was appointed engineer and architect of the Senate of Palermo and in 1643 he was appointed engineer of the Kingdom. An engraver, architect, engineer and painter, Novelli’s activity, assisted by his workshop, was frenetic and is widely documented. Novelli’s style is linked to classicism since his artistic research ranges from late Mannerism to Baroque. In Monreale, he painted the Annunciation for the Benedictine refectory and in 1633, during renovation work, he frescoed the masonry walls of the cathedral.