Peter of Cluny

Peter, born into the noble Montboissier family, became the ninth abbot of Cluny in 1122. Throughout his life, he worked on reforming the monastic system so much so that, in 1146, he wrote the 76 rules that regulated the Cluniac order. In addition to speaking out against heresies through numerous writings, he spoke out in 1130 against Antipope Anacletus II and then in favour of Innocent II. Peter of Cluny was responsible for the first Latin translation of the Qur’an after having met with the Islamic people in Spain. A great and refined intellectual, he helped Peter Abelard and Bernard of Clairvaux to reconcile in the dispute that had arisen between the Cluniacs and the Cistercians. Named Peter the Venerable, he is revered as a blessed of the Catholic Church.