Old Testament

In the main nave, on the right-hand side, the first mosaic cycle comes from the Old Testament and depicts the moments of Creation. Specifically, the following scenes are depicted:  Beginning of Creation, Creation of light, Creation of waters, Separation of earth from waters, Creation of stars, Creation of animals, Creation of people, The rest of the seventh day. Next, the mosaics focus on the story of the progenitors in Eden, with the following scenes: Adam being led to Eden, Adam in Eden, the Creation of Eve, Eve being introduced to Adam, The temptation of Eve, the Original sin, God rebuking Adam and Eve, God driving the progenitors out of the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve working in the fields, Cain and Abel, Cain killing his brother Abel, God rebuking and cursing Cain for killing his brother Abel, Cain being killed by the blind Lamech.  It continues with the cycle dedicated to Noah: God ordering Noah to build the ark, The construction of the ark, The animals getting on the ark, the Universal Flood, the Descent of the animals from the ark, God’s covenant with Noah, Christ in the winepress, the Construction of the tower of Babel, Abraham being visited by three angels, Abraham’s hospitality, Lot protecting the two angels, the Destruction of Sodom, God asking Abraham for the sacrifice of his first born son, the Sacrifice of Isaac, Rebekah watering the camels, Rebekah’s Journey, Isaac and Esau, Isaac blessing Jacob, Jacob’s Escape,Jacob’s Dream, Jacob’s fight with the angel.