Mount Calanna

Mount Calanna is a small portion of a much larger volcanic system that developed between 130 and 110,000 years ago. It is currently believed that this is the first central volcanic structure after the phase of the Timpe, with displacement of the eruptive mouths inland, specifically towards the current summit area.
Mount Calanna has a different colour from the many Etnean cones that are seen all over, since it is mainly yellowish in colour. This is because it is actually a portion of the volcanic conduit, or at least it belonged to an area that was covered by the volcanic structure, now completely eroded. These conclusions have only been reached in the last 10 years, including by connecting the area’s geological and geophysical data with what can be seen below ground level.
There had been several eruptive centres at Mount Calanna, now covered by recent activity, until 65,000 years ago when the Elliptical was formed, the first truly great Etnean stratovolcano.