In the inner sides of the arches, there are seven medallions depicting busts of saints. Above the medallion of each one or close to it, the name identifying the saint emerges from the gold background. In the medallions of the eastern arch, bishops such as St John Chrysostom, St Basil, St Gregory, St Nicholas and St Gregory of Nazianzus are depicted. In the northern arch, the military saints St George, St Demetrius, St Nestor, St Artemius, St Theodore Recluse, St Mercury, St Procopius are depicted. On the western arch, the martyrs St. Mena, St. Victor, St. Vincent, St. Theodore, St. Eustatius, St. Flore, St. Laurus are depicted. In the transept, at the end of the two arms, on the south side, St Cyrus, St John, St Hermolaus are depicted, while on the north side the group is not legible. At the point where the arms connect with the corner bays, there are four more busts of bishops and deacons.