images of angels and saints

In the ogival arches of the choir, which, together with the rest of the mosaic cycle, tell the story of salvation in a crescendo, there are images of angels, kings and prophets. The first arch shows representations of the Archangel Michael and the Archangel Gabriel with the tondo of Divine Wisdom in the upper centre and, in symmetry, the two prophets Malachi and Isaiah in the eastern part. This is followed by the arch depicting the military martyr saints George, Theodore, Mercury, Demetrius, John and Paul and the Holy Face of Christ, which Veronica is said to have wiped on her way to the Crucifixion, worshipped by two large angels.
The other arch is decorated with the scene of the Annunciation. Finally, in the triumphal arch, which features Christ Pantocrator at the centre, the mosaic cycle continues: Emmanuel is represented at the centre of the tondos and on the sides, the eight prophets David, Solomon, Elijah, Samuel, Daniel, Gideon, Nathan and Elisha are represented.