Heather, the plant of Alicudi

Heather is a plant known above all for its flower, which, though small, has an indescribable effect and charm.
In Italy it is found in gardens as an ornamental plant, or in the undergrowth or near wetlands.
This perennial plant belongs to the Ericaceae family, of which there are around 700 different species, most of which, more than 660, are native to South Africa.
The remaining species are either African or native to Mediterranean Europe. Beyond their geographical origin, all species are evergreen, perennial and shrubby.
The dimensions can vary, with some species reaching heights of almost 1.8 metres. This includes tree heather, which is distinguished from the other species, which are instead “ground” plants.
No matter the altitude at which they grow, heather leaves look like needles: they are thin and sharp, even a little fleshy. They sprout from thin, woody stems that are not overly intricate.