Dwellings of the Roman West

In some areas of Sicily, some Roman villas dating back to the 3rd to 4th century AD have been identified.  A particularly well known seaside villa situated along the northern coast of Sicily is Patti Marina, in the town of Tindari.
The excavations brought to light a vast area that might include both the residential area of the villa and the rooms used for the servants.
A large peristyle again connects the spaces that overlook it. In addition, there was a thermal bath system and two rooms with an apsidal and triapsidal shape that, although in much smaller proportions, reproduce architectural types present in the Villa Romana del Casale.
The villa of Tellaro, one of the most important archaeological discoveries in recent decades, is located near the mouth of the river Tellaro, in the province of Syracuse.
Also in this case, a structure with a peristyle and rooms with elaborate floor mosaics was found beneath an 18th-19th century farm, depicting subjects that can be traced back to the late antiquity villa in Piazza Armerina.