Diodorus Siculus

Living between 80 and 20 BC, Diodorus Siculus was the first to reference Kephaloidion as already being in existence, in 396 BC. The scholar, born in Agirio, (modern-day Agira) in Sicily, wrote the Bibliotheca historica, a universal history from the mythical origins of the world to Julius Caesar’s expeditions to Gaul and Britain in 59 BC. Originally subdivided into forty books, fifteen are currently preserved: five on the origins of Asia, Africa and Europe and ten on events between 480 and 321 BC. Despite the gaps, the Bibliotheca is crucial for the understanding of both the history of Magna Graecia and the historiographic works of other authoritative authors, which are now lost. In order to write his grand work, to which he devoted thirty years, Diodorus Siculus consulted the book heritage of Rome and undertook numerous journeys in Europe and Asia to collect as much material as possible.