The centrepiece of the entire chapel is the Crucifix, the spiritual and architectural centre of the complex, which is placed on the wall behind the altar. It is placed at the centre of a set of figures taken from the Old and New Testaments. The wooden sculpture, dating from around 1400, represents Christ, not on the cross, but on the tree of Jesse. The tree rises behind the figure of Jesse, who is lying down and with his head resting on his right hand. The branches of the tree branch out to the sides and above the sculpture of Jesus, amongst flowers, symbolic decorations, half sculptures of the kings of Israel and ribbons. Above his head, the Virgin Mary is depicted, accompanied by the inscription DE QUA NATUS EST and, at the crown, the Trinity is also featured. The whole representation features contrasting colours: bright blue in the background, light marble in the decorations, yellow marble in the tree of Jesse and the colour of Christ’s natural wood.