Cathedral Treasury

The crown, three gold rings with precious stones and a plaque, found in the tomb of Frederick II’s first wife, Constance of Aragon, are kept in the Cathedral Treasury rooms. The crown made in the Royal Palace of Palermo’s workshop. Dating from before 1222, the date of the queen’s death, the work can be traced back to Norman production due to the refined gold filigree on the cap, the rough gems gathered in baskets and the strings of beads elegantly surrounding the enamels. Also preserved are a richly decorated ivory reliquary; two polygonal medallions, also from the Norman period, with depictions of St Peter and St James, in gilded silver and translucent enamel decoration; a silver and gilded bronze reliquary of Saints Cosmas and Damian; a silver chalice; a reliquary from the Gothic period in gilded bronze and pierced silver; the Carandelot antependium in silk, velvet and gold; the Peace of St. Luke; the chalice of Charles III of Spain; an embossed and chiselled silver reliquary containing the wood of the Holy Cross; the Barbavara chalice and the Soledad chalice.