Benedetto Passafiume

Fra’ Benedetto Passafiume is one of the most authoritative historical sources with regards to the Cefalù area. He belonged to the Order of Franciscan Minors of Regular Observance, taught Sacred Theology and was appointed guardian of the convent of San Nicola in Cefalù. In addition to these important positions, he was also a book censor for the entire Kingdom of Sicily, commissioned by the Holy Inquisition. In 1645, his work De origine ecclesiae cephaleditanae was printed in Venice, dedicated entirely to the history, art and topography of Cefalù. A bird’s eye view of the city was published in the report, in which the regular urban conformation can be clearly seen. The Cathedral is preceded by the “vestibulum” (or “Turniale”), built in 1585 by Bishop Preconio.