Antonino Uccello, a Sicilian in the North

Born in Canicattini Bagni on 11 September 1922, Antonino Uccello completed his master’s studies in Noto and settled in Palazzolo Acreide in 1944. He emigrated to Lombardy where he taught in schools in Brianza.
The exodus experienced by Sicily in those years, the loss of cultural heritage and his estrangement from his homeland drove him to found the Birthplace Museum.
He brought many objects from peasant civilisation to the north, exhibiting them and promoting its traditions.
There he trained as a poet and composed the “Canti del Val di Noto” in 1959.
He later returned to Palazzolo where he bought a wing of Palazzo Ferla.
He brought the objects he had collected over the years and dedicated himself to the museum.