Antonello Gagini

Antonello, son of Domenico Gagini, the latter originally from Lugano, grew up in Palermo and then moved to Messina where, between 1498 and 1507, his thriving sculpture workshop was based and he started trading marble directly with Tuscany. Upon his return to Palermo, he established himself as one of the greatest sculptors of the Sicilian Renaissance, obtaining prestigious commissions all over the island, as well as in Calabria. He died in Palermo in April 1536. A refined artist, he left a great legacy. In addition to the Tribune for Palermo Cathedral, his most important works include the Madonna di Trapani for the Teatini convent, the Santa Caterina for the Church of Carmine Maggiore outside the Sicilian capital, the Madonna della Neve for Santa Lucia del Mela and a Triptych for Vibo Valentia. Other works are housed in the Palazzo Abatellis Museum and the Diocesan Museum in Palermo.