Admiral Giorgio D’Antiochia, kneeling in front of the Madonna

The mosaic panel with the dedication of the founder, George of Antioch, was certainly in the narthex that, at the end of the 16th century, due to some structural changes to the plan of the church was demolished. It is now visible in the entrance, on the left, symmetrically to the one depicting King Roger II crowned by Christ. Looking at the scene specifically in the top right is Christ, within a blue circle, depicted as a half-length: in his left hand he holds a scroll while with his right hand he is blessing the two protagonists, the Virgin and the Admiral. In the center stands Mary holding an open scroll with an inscription in Greek that reads a plea for her son to intercede on behalf of the founder. With his other hand, however, he welcomes the Admiral’s own dedication. George, in a sumptuous and richly panelled robe, is kneeling, in an attitude of proskynesis. He shows flowing hair, white beard and open hands outstretched towards the Virgin.